The Who and Why of Anonymous Blogging

I’m thinking that by now you must be wondering, who is this girl, and why is she being so anonymous.  Well, that seems an obvious question for the few (if any) people that read this blog.

Firstly, who am I?  Well, I suppose that seems like it should become evident with time and reading, but I suppose dragging that out could lead to over-hype and let-down situation.  So, for now, let’s leave it as I’m 29, live in a mid-western city that doesn’t like to think of itself as mid-western, and I’m a creative writing student.  The blog is an exercise in developing my writing skills, namely those in the non-fiction arena.  Why keep it a secret?  It’s not like I’m going to pull a Dooce and get canned (or famous).

I’m keeping it anonymous so that I have the option to be honest, with very little self-censorship.  The older I get, the more I realize that adults have a lot of secrets.  Life is complicated.  People suffer from mental and emotional issues, go through life-changing events and tragedy, and do things that affect each other in unforeseen ways.  For now, I’ll be keeping my identity and more on the DL, so that I can talk more candidly, should the need arise.

Though as of yet, it’s been hard for me to discuss a lot of things that involve other people.  Some of the issues that run through my family and friends, the things I know that they don’t think other people know…it doesn’t seem right for me to discuss the details without their ok.  And I know that “ok” will never be forthcoming.  As my friend told me this morning, “it’s not [my] story to tell.”  Peoples pain entitles them to tell (or not tell) their own story in their own way.

So, I’ll need to develop my own stories.  My pain = my stories.  Let’s just hope there’s more triumph than pain.

In the meantime-it’s a challenge.  I need to be careful to be descriptive, while non-specific about a lot of people, places and things.  I think my husband needs a nickname, so he’s not “my husband” in every future post.   Maybe, since he bought me the laptop that motivated the blog, I should let him pick his nickname.  Mr. ____.  Mr. Badass?

And it’s especially hard for me to not name the city I live in.  The city I feel has the most potential and yet falls so short.  That could be a blog in and of itself.

But, I digress…I’m on the interwebs, and the rest of the story is on a need to know basis for now.