First Whistle

If you’ve ever watched or played Roller Derby, you might know the significance of the first whistle.  It’s the start of the new jam, a call to action, if you will.  It’s the moment that a skater waits for, posed, anxious, ready to move forward as soon as she’s permitted.  After the first whistle, the pack launches into motion, a swarm of adrenaline, aggression, and heightened awareness.

This isn’t another roller derby blog.  It’s a writing blog.  It just happens to be writing by a girl that plays and knows derby…and likes derby analogys.

Derby and writing are very similar.  Both are suited to a certain sort of person…someone that might be a bit broken.  Both are cathartic, bringing some to a profound awareness and realizations about one’s own strengths and weaknesses.   Derby and writing are both cause and cure to depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

As in derby, you can either skate by in life, resting on your natural abilities, and staying within your comfort zone.  Or, you can push yourself to move forward, take some hits, and be hardcore.

When I’m retired from skating, I want to remember the anticipation of the first whistle, the call to action.  I want to take that sense of drive with me into my writing.  So, here I am.  Ready, and out on the line.