My Readings

Once, about 15 years ago, I visited a psychic, because my room mate told me that he was hearing a voice call my name when no one else was there.  All she could say was that it was a ghost, but that my room mate was hearing it wrong, and the ghost was looking for someone else.  I’m not sure which dissapointed me more; the fact that she was telling me I had a strange ghost in my home, or the fact that she was too uncreative to make up a plausible reason that a ghost might be looking for me.

Flash forward to modern day me, last weekend, when I went to a psychic party with 5 girls.  The woman did a reading in my friend’s spare bedroom, complete with a cassette tape recording of the event.

To summarize the points that might have mattered, if I believed in psychics:

She told me that I am good at giving advice on relationships, but not so good at following my own common sense approach in these matters.

I asked her about us starting a family, and she said that if we hadn’t made an annoncement by thanksgiving, it would have to wait until next year.  (I know-she’s basically predicting that it could happen anytime except December.)  The reason I gave a second thought to that, is that if my math is right, October is the soonest I can get pregnant, and deliver after graduation next spring.  So, she did manage to pick the one month that I had in mind.

She told me that I had been short changed, or had something taken from me in October (I honestly cannot think of anything that would even support the imaginary notion)…and that this issue would be repaid to me in April…specifically on or after April 21.  I don’t know what this means, but I’ve marked 4/21/11 on my calendar, just in case.

She told me that a male mentor type figure would come back into my life soon-and that he would have an opportunity for me.  This was likely to coincide with the April thing.  I’m not sure who that figure would be, but I’m interested in whatever that might mean.

UPDATE: I’m all about kooky co-incidences, not so much psychic abilities.  But, on 4/21/11 I got an e-mail from one of the english teachers at school telling me that I’d won a writing contest scholarship.  So, how do you like them psychic apples?