30 update

So, apparently I’m either overly optimistic about my goal-setting, or I just slacked…truthfully, I think it was somewhere in the middle–I more or less just changed my priorities and did what I could.   Here’s the update on my “by 30” goals, since the “30” passed last week:

Run 50 miles:

No go.  I did run about 28…including one day when I ran an hour straight.  But, I also stepped up my skating a lot over the past few weeks, as my knee and back were not loving the running.  I think that running requires a lot of overall body stability and strength, which is something I need to build up before I get hardcore into it.  Yoga is likely the thing I’ll need to focus on more soon, as I’ve had 2 back injuries so far this year.

Take fancy pictures and print:

No go.  Just gonna have to bump this until AFTER my trip.  more on that to come.

Drop 2 inches from waist:

Dropped 4! So there! I’m in the best shape of my life (despite the failed running goal) and it really did feel good to be fit by 30, even if I’ve never really been “fit” before.

Short story writing:

Nothing happening here.  However, the good news–I did win an academic scholarship to my college for the creative writing contest–only 3 undergrad prizes were awarded, so that’s sweet.

This was supposed to have been a goal, but I’ve also booked my trip to Kanab, UT and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  This has been a goal for me for sometime, and I think it’ll be a wonderfully cathartic experience to see homeless pets living the great life.  I still carry around a great deal of sadness and guilt as a former shelter worker that euthanized dogs and cats (for reasons I didn’t always agree with) and I think this trip might serve as a little bit of therapy.

Let’s just hope I have what it takes to come back to my rainy, foggy hometown.