“Well, That Didn’t Pan Out”

In the immortal words of Rooster Cogburn, “that didn’t Pan Out”.

Remember how I posted on Sunday, in my post 5 by 30 my goal #3: knock down the best jammer on my derby team? Well, I did that, and it didn’t go so good.

We were both in the pack, scrimmaging.  She was talking to someone on her right, turned away from me on the inside.  I saw her, and I thought, “Hey! I need to mark that off my list, right?  Take the hit!”  So I did it.  I went for the hit, shoulder to sternum, and skated on.  A stride later, I hear commotion, and turn to see her in a pile on the floor.  I went down on my knees to check on her.  Her shoulder was clearly contorted.

As she wriggled on the floor, making a pained noise that can only be transcribed as “meeep…..meeeeep” I thought, “this is not what I’d set out to do.”

So, she’s ok.  An overextended shoulder, and hurt pride.  She skated shortly after that, but came to my team, so I’d quit “beating the shit” out of her.

I’m marking that off my goals list, and making a new goal: Don’t set goals that potentially hurt other people.  It’s not a good feeling to complete such goals.

On a side note, if anyone ever questions the true “friends off the track” nature of derby, the girl that I crushed asked me to be in her wedding after practice.  See? It’s all forgiven.